Eksalta Sustainable Retrofit Ltd t/a Eksalta Windows and Doors (Eksalta through this document) would like to thank you for your custom, and as a further service offers the warranty below on its goods and services. Please take time to read through this warranty. Please also note that this may not cover non-standard goods, in which case please ask Eksalta for further details. The warranty date starts from acceptance of the delivery on site, or from the date of installation if the installation was part of Eksalta’s full order. In the event that a replacement part is required, or that repairs are required, the original date of the warranty will remain valid. A Replacement part or repair will not extend this warranty.

This document warrants the following:

  • That the wood frame, sash, and any other wooden components will be warranted for 10 years where they have been maintained correctly in line with our operation and maintenance manual.
  • That the surface finish of standard opaque factory finished joinery will be warranted for 5 years, or where a stain finish has been used that this is warranted for up to 2 years where they have been maintained correctly in line with our operation and maintenance manual. Please note that this excludes natural resin exudation and movement around knots.
  • That the surface finish of aluminium doors and windows for either anodised finish or powder coat finish will be warranted against unnatural colour changes or cracked surfaces to due changes in weather conditions, and where they have been maintained correctly.
  • That all parts including hinges, gears, handles, vents and any spring mechanism is warranted for 2 years, with a commitment that within the first year there is no labour or travel charge to replace these parts. Please note that this excludes the finish of these items.
  • That the double and triple glazed units will confirm with the UK Glass and Glazing Federation’s visual quality


  • That the seals within the double and triple glazed units will be warranted for a period of 10 years, unless the glass is broken, cracked or shattered, and has been maintained properly.
  • That in the event a repair cannot be made, a new sash will be provided.

This document does not cover the following:

  • Any damage caused due to incorrect maintenance or lack of maintenance, as per required within the operation and maintenance instructions.
  • Any damage, accidental or otherwise, occurring on site after delivery or installation to the unit as a result of incorrect storage, incorrect installation technique, and incorrect maintenance.
  • Any damage or failure caused by the build-up of other construction materials such as mortar and cement, including damage to moving parts.
  • Any damage or failure of moving parts that have not been lubricated or maintained properly.
  • Any damage caused by installation outside of the contract with Eksalta.
  • Any visual defects within the glass that have not been reported within the first 48 hours of the units having been accepted on site.
  • Any variations in the colour or grain of timber, because timber is a natural material and has many differences in it that are outside of our control.
  • Any corrosion or filiform corrosion of eternal aluminium cladding or timber aluminium windows.
  • Any damage caused by condensation, or other building defects.
  • Any warranty claim made after appropriate timelines as stated above.
  • Any damage or failure caused as a result of misleading information.

Reporting faults:

  • Faults of any kind must be reported as soon as you become aware of them. This is why it is very important to have a visual check upon receiving delivery, and upon installation.
  • You must notify Eksalta in writing within 48 hours of discovering this fault, with a detailed description of the fault. No complaint can be processed until we receive it in writing.

How Eksalta will respond:

  • Once a fault has been reported, it will be logged and processed.
  • Eksalta will contact you to confirm the issue, and arrange a time to visit.
  • Eksalta will visit and assess the situation, performing a repair there if possible, or rearranging to visit again if a part needs to be ordered, or a replacement unit ordered.
  • After the first year of the warranty Eksalta reserves the right to charge a call out fee for labour and travel.

Limit on Warranty claims.

  • If Eksalta performs a warranty service, the original warranty period will remain in force. There will be no extension for the warranty.